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3 Clever Ideas for Affordable Dates

When you sit back and think about how much you have spent on dates over the years, you may be shocked. The average cost of a date in the U.S. stands at $102.57. That is just one date. Depending on how many times you go out in a month, you probably spend around $1,200 a

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winter fishing

Get Ready for Winter Fishing in Michigan

Fishing in frozen waters isn’t for everyone, but close to two million Americans head to the ice every year to uphold tradition, bond with friends and family, or enjoy a quiet day of fishing. Braving the Cold Ice fishing is a popular winter pastime in communities in northern US states. Thousands of families brave the

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father playing basketball with his son

How to Make Your Child More Interested in Sports

Sports activities hone children’s motor skills, increase their physical strength, and teach them valuable lessons in life. If you want to get your child more interested in sports, here are ideas that you can try. One of the best ways that children learn is through play and activity. By playing sports, children not only increase their

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Water Fun You Didn’t Expect to See in Utah

When you think of Utah, you normally won’t associate it with any water sport. It is known for its breathtaking scenery on the Colorado Plateau and the Great Basin and is one of the driest states in the country during summer. If you didn’t know any better, you won’t consider going to Utah if you’re

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Ankle Braces

Style Alternatives for Ankle Braces

The increase in lifestyle diseases has seen many people look into ways of keeping them at bay or controlling them when suffering from the same. One of the best options for both lies in an active lifestyle. Sports are the standard choice for those who want to keep fit, maintain their health, and have fun.

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Cornhole Game

Grow You Brand With The Popularity Of Cornhole Games

When you need to blow your nose, you reach for a Kleenex. At a fast food joint, you ask for a coke. Why you accidentally cut yourself, you reach for a Band-Aid. Surprisingly, all these names aren’t the name of the item; they are product brands for leading companies. Such terms are known as proprietary

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Baseball batter hits the ball

Applications of Radar Guns in Different Sports

There are various technologies that have come up in the sports sector to improve the performance of players. One of the latest is the radar (radio detection and ranging) gun. This is a remote sensor that emits electromagnetic waves. It is designed to primarily measure the speed of various elements in different sporting activities in

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Skiers on a snowy mountain

First-Time Skier: What You Should Keep in Mind When Skiing

Whether it will be the Alps or Vail, you know too well that skiing can be exciting. It may even make the non-adventurous quite adventurous for a day. Who does not love snow and sliding down playfully? However, skiing is not just normal sliding and stumbling. It is a form of locomotion, a sport that

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